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Why top growers choose Naayom

Our process empowers agricultural communities for sustainable growth.

Optimize Yield

We understand Mushroom grower’s challenges through in-depth research to identify improvement opportunities.

Reduces Error

Minimizes errors typically caused by humans' limitations in mushroom farming.


Enhance farm consistency with Naayom's reliable climate control solutions.

Trend Graphs

Every parameter at your farm will be displayed in a detailed graph to help analyze trends

Enhance Visibility

Monitor climate parameters, control signals, and historical data for comprehensive farming management

Stay Connected

Stay connected to your farm from anywhere in the world with Naayom's advanced IoT platform

Energy Savings

Reduce energy usage while maintaining perfect growing conditions

We have got your back

We are available at every Steps to support our Mushroom growers

How Naayom works

Our process empowers agricultural communities for sustainable growth.


IoT devices and sensors help in monitoring CO2, temperatures, and humidity levels in real time, helping Mushroom Growers make informed decisions.


Control any type of equipment installed at your farm including compressors, blowers, valves, dampers, VFDs, etc.

Data Analytics

We process collected data to provide actionable insights, enhancing farming efficiency and productivity.


Where Climate Control Meets Precision for Mushroom Farmers. Experience seamless management of temperature, CO2, and humidity from anywhere.

Stage based precision control

Optimize mushroom cultivation with an advanced controller, ensuring ideal conditions at every stage for consistent, high-quality yields seamlessly.


Get the full picture at a glance

Monitor and control all growing chambers, Phase II tunnels, and Phase I bunkers in real-time via mobile or laptop.

Data Driven Farming

Leverage data to get insights for precise parameter adjustments, proactive issue resolution, and optimize farm productivity.


What Our Client’s Say About Product

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